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KEEP storage areas well ventilated and away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. USE chemically-resistant structural materials in the storage area and ventilation system (e.g. corrosion-resistant).
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In fact, temperature was a major problem with the first smokeless rifle propellants. The famous Poudre B, developed in the early 1880s by French chemist Paul Vielle, is considered the first successful smokeless rifle powder. But along with being very temperature sensitive, Poudre B was extremely unstable, resulting in a few spontaneous explosions.
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Alliant Powders (formerly Hercules Powders) are double-base, extruded propellants, with nitroglycerin ranging from 4% to 40%. Some of rifle powders are coated with DBP to retard burning. Alliant own index is just Relative Quickness as defined above, rating as follows from fastest to slowest:
This white paper discusses the Temperature Sensitivity of Power Sensors. With almost all electronic devices, temperature impacts performance. This is particularly critical when the device is part of a measuring instrument. RF & µW power sensors are used t.Complete temperature stability can only be achieved with tubular extruded powders designs, either with double base (NG) and/or with other coating technologies. Because the ballistic performance at extreme temperature is completely dependant on the specific combination, it is very difficult to quantify and qualify.
You might be sensitive to light, wind, or temperature changes. Try to protect your eyes by shielding them or wearing sunglasses (go for wraparound frames -- they block more wind than other types). 6 Advanced Gun Propellants CURRENT RESEARCH FOCUS The status of advanced gun propellants was obtained from presentations to the committee given by or discussions held with Army and Navy researchers from ARDEC, ARL, NSWC/IH, and ONR.~-3 In order to meet the requirements of future warfighting concepts that call for the use of smaller, lighter ...
A more sensitive instrument can give you a smaller uncertainty, but there will always be some uncertainty in your measurements nonetheless. Touch your thermometer to the object whose temperature you want to measure. Watch the reading if your thermometer is digital....include the sensitivity S, cross sensitivities, temperature coefficient TC, temperature coefficient of sensitivity TCS, offset O, and corresponding TCO. two to three orders of magnitude more sensitive than PZT ceramics while satisfying such other requirements as pressure dependency of sensitivity.Dec 21, 2017 · Temperature of plasma in the region of powder heating range from 6000 to 15,000 °C which is nearly above the melting point of any material. To create plasma, an inert gas—generally argon or argon–hydrogen mixture—is superheated by DC arc [ 97 ].
HANDLOADERS’ ADI POWDERS 6th edition | 2013 RRP $7.95 FEATURING Complete data for the new Bench Mark 8208 rifle powder INTRODUCING Australian Outback Ammunition: The only Australian factory manufactured ammunition with Ballistic Temperature Independence MORE DATA Over 400 additional loads WORLD -CLASS POWDERS AND AMMUNITION Disc powders, ball powders, and aggregates are double-base, with the exceptions being the PB and SR series powders manufactured by IMR Powder Company of Plattsburg, New York. Except for ball powder, smokeless powder is manufactured by one of two general methods, differing in whether organic solvents are used in the process (Meyer 1987; Radford ...
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