E36 m3 fuel injector upgrade

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SUITABLE FOR 1996-1999 E36 323is/ic, 328i/is/ic WITH M52 ENGINE, MS41 ENGINE MANAGEMENT This amazing hand-held unit downloads the TMS/Conforti performance engine software directly into your BMW. The Shark Injector(tm) provides an easy to install OBD-II performance upgrade, in minutes!
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Bmw Bosch Ev14 650cc Fuel Injectors E36 M3 M5 M50 S52 M52 3.2l 328i 328i Turbo B 1991-1998 Oem - $569.99 1991-1998 Oem Bmw E36 318 Z3 1.8.l M44 Engine Solid Flywheel + Clutch Kit
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Jun 01, 2018 · Thx a lot for the reply, Dave. Actually I have built a S50B32 with 87mm CR11.5 JE pistons and Schrick 284 cans with the single VANOS OE wiring loom and ECU(with customer chip), upgraded BOSCH fuel injectors(315ml/min.) for my ‘93 M3 4 years ago for the track car project.
Has anyone ever seen this type of Fuel Injector? Im not sure if it's stock or I already agreed to take his injectors. But to your suggestions, I'm considering on But you would also need to upgrade the fuel pump if using much larger injectors.Injector Dynamics Id1300x 1300cc Fuel Injectors Bmw E36 M3 96-99. Injector Dynamics - $1350.00.
Mar 26, 2017 · Ultimately though, your tuner should be telling you how large of an injector you need and whether you need to upgrade. For any given set of modifications that increase air flow, the DME is going to adjust injector pulse width to provide the amount of fuel needed to achieve a target AFR. BMW M3 fuel injection pumps. Fuel Pumps - BMW M3. FSE, Sytec and Bosch Fuel Injection Pumps. Designed to be direct replacements for the original fuel pumps fitted to BMW M3s. In some cases, Motorsport variants are available for increased performance. remove or disconnect your Shark Injector at this time; 21. If your vehicle is an E36 M3 with automatic transmission, at this time you should reconnect the transmission ECU that was previously disconnected in step #3 above before proceeding. If you have an M3/A, you must complete this step prior to continuing!!
Dec 15, 2018 · love the e36 m3 - even today in stock form it puts a big smile to my face. much more enjoyable on the street than any new ferrari. im debating s54 on my 98 m3/4/5. will prob just end up doing the top half of the s52 motor and settle for 310 hp to the wheels Image Unavailable, Please Login 0280155832 Bosch injectors/ BMW E34 M5 E36 M3 upgrade Bosch EV6 Fuel injectors € 160.00; Bosch 0 280 150 415 injectors for BMW K1, K100, K1100 16V motorcycle € 100.00; 0280155746 Bosch injectors/ BMW E30 318iS , E36 318iS upgrade EV6 Bosch Fuel injectors € 100.00
1440cc FIC BMW E36 M3 Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set (High-Z) 1440cc BMW E36 M3 FIC's Data Matched high performance fuel injectors featuring high impedance Bos.. Price: $1,160.00
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